Higher National Diploma in Information Technology

The Higher National Diploma in Information Technology (HND‐IT) programme at the SriLanka Institute of Advance Technical Education (SLIATE) was developed and commenced in the year 2000 with the objective of producing the middle level IT professional required for the new millennium.

Course Duration : 2 ½ years (Full Time)

Subjects and Credits

Year 1 - Semester 1

Module CodeModule TitleModule TypeCreditsStatus
HNDIT11012Personal Computer ApplicationsCore02GPA
HNDIT11023Computer HardwareCore03GPA
HNDIT11034Structured ProgrammingCore04GPA
HNDIT11042Data Representation and OrganizationCore02GPA
HNDIT11052Database Management SystemsCore02GPA
HNDIT11062Web DevelopmentCore02GPA
HNDIT11072Mathematics for ComputingCore02GPA
HNDIT11081Communication Skills ICore01GPA

Year 1 - Semester 2

Module CodeModule TitleModule TypeCreditsStatus
HNDIT12094Object Oriented ProgrammingCore04GPA
HNDIT12103Graphics and MultimediaCore03GPA
HNDIT12112Data Structures and AlgorithmsCore02GPA
HNDIT12123Systems Analysis and DesignCore03GPA
HNDIT12133Data Communications and NetworksCore02GPA
HNDIT12142Statistics for ITCore02GPA
HNDIT12151Communication Skills IICore01GPA
HNDIT12162Leadership Skills and DevelopmentCore02GPA

Year 2 - Semester 1

Module CodeModule TitleModule TypeCreditsStatus
HNDIT23012Operating Systems and Computer SecurityCore02GPA
HNDIT23022Project ManagementCore02GPA
HNDIT23032Principles of Management and Applied EconomicsCore02GPA
HNDIT23042Technical WritingCore02GPA
HNDIT23051Mini ProjectCore01GPA
HNDIT23061Communication Skills IIICore01GPA

Developer Track Option
HNDIT23073Rapid Application DevelopmentTrack Elective03GPA
HNDIT23082Principals of Software EngineeringTrack Elective02GPA
HNDIT23093Object Oriented Analysis and DesignTrack Elective03GPA
TotalTrack Elective08

Administrator Track Option
HNDIT23103Advance Database Management SystemsTrack Elective03GPA
HNDIT23122InternetworkingTrack ElectiveTrack Elective02GPA
HNDIT23133Enterprise Information Security SystemsTrack Elective03GPA
TotalTrack Elective08
Analyst Track Option
HNDIT23142Introduction to Business AnalysisTrack Elective02GPA
HNDIT23153Management Information SystemsTrack Elective03GPA
HNDIT23163E-CommerceTrack Elective03GPA
TotalTrack Elective08

Year 2 - Semester 2

Module CodeModule TitleModule TypeCreditsStatus
HNDIT24012Computer ArchitectureCore02GPA
HNDIT24022Open Source SystemsCore02GPA
HNDIT24032IT and SocietyCore02GPA
HNDIT24052Communication Skills IVCore02GPA
Developer Track Option
HNDIT24113Multi-tiered Application DevelopmentField Elective03GPA
HNDIT24123Software Configuration ManagementField Elective03GPA
HNDIT24133Web ProgrammingField Elective03GPA
HNDIT24143Computer Graphics and Animation DesignField Elective03GPA
HNDIT24153Digital Image ProcessingField Elective03GPA
HNDIT24163Digital Video and AudioField Elective03GPA
Total Credits requiredField Elective09
Administrator Track Option
HNDIT24213Server Installation and ManagementField Elective03GPA
HNDIT24223Network and Data Centre OperationsField Elective03GPA
HNDIT24233Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity PlanningField Elective03GPA
HNDIT24243DB Server Installation and ManagementField Elective03GPA
HNDIT24253Database Programming ProjectField Elective03GPA
Total Credits requiredField Elective09
Analyst Track Option
HNDIT24313Software TestingField Elective03GPA
HNDIT24323Technical Report WritingField Elective03GPA
HNDIT24333Software Quality ManagementField Elective03GPA
HNDIT24323Technical Report WritingField Elective03GPA
HNDIT24343Business Analysis - Tools & ProcessesField Elective03GPA
HNDIT24353System Analysis Case StudyField Elective03GPA
Total Credits requiredField Elective09
Academic Track Option
HNDIT24413Educational PsychologyField Elective03GPA
HNDIT24423Teaching MethodologyField Elective03GPA
HNDIT24433Educational Measurement and EvaluationField Elective03GPA
Total Credits requiredField Elective09GPA

Entry Profile:

  1. School levers with G.C.E (A/L) qualifications in Mathematics, Bio Science or Commerce (Preferable) and Art streams.
  2. Minimum Simple Pass for English and Mathematics in G.C.E.(O/L)

The Selection Criteria: 

Candidates are selected through the order of merit in their GCE (A/L) examination and through an aptitude/ IQ test.

Course Fee (Part Time): Rs. 10,000.00 per Semester 

Exemptions from the other academic or Professional program:

  • B. Sc. in Software Engineering and Information Technology – Open University of Sri Lanka
  • Two year exemption from University of Moratuwa BIT program.
  • B. Eng. in University of Vocational Technology
  • Degree in City and Guilds
  • 2 Year exemptions for B. Sc. in Software Engineering – Birmingham City University of UK
  • With HNDIT  and 2 Years Experience you can register for  a M. Sc. degree.

 Important Information for Beginners to Select the Program

  • After the completion of 2 year academic program you will be placed at a software development organization to follow industrial training under NAITA supervision for 6 months.
  • Jobs are available in the present IT job market for those who have completed the program.
  • Carrier development path with degree programs are available with local and foreign Universities.
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